Does lipozene have side effects?

10 Jan

All of us want to lose some extra pounds and look great. Also obesity is one of the chronic diseases afflicting mankind today and that has led to diet pills becoming a favored alternative to exercise. One such diet pill is Lipozene that is quite in the news these days. It is a diet supplement that contains a water absorbing constituent and makes you feel full.

Lipozene is made from a vegetable fiber called “glucomannan” which is obtained from the root of a plant named “Konjac”. The scientific name of the konjac plant is Amorphophallus konjac and locally it is also known as the devil’s tongue/snake palm or elephant yam. This plant is predominantly cultivated in Eastern Asia, mostly Japan and China.
Lipozene is made of natural ingredients, so it has some regular side effects associated with its intake. They can be enumerated as:
Abdominal pain and discomfort
Loose motions
Pain due to bloated stomach

These are quite minor problems that can be taken care of easily. However, lipozene can also cause some major distress in your system and you should be prepared for it. some of these adverse reactions could be:

1. Problem with gulping or swallowing: For some people, Lipozene has caused blockage in the esophagus. The glucomannan in the lipozene causes this reaction. It has the ability to absorbs water and expand in size causing serious troubles. For some people, it might so happen that they have esophageal diseases or might have a narrow esophagus itself. The pill might get stuck in the esophagus and lead to difficulty in swallowing. This could be fatal and hence you should be prepared for such a contingency.

2. Fluctuation in blood glucose levels: Glucomannan- lipozene’s prime ingredient is a sugar (polysaccharide) and responsible for bringing about change in a person’s blood sugar levels. The change can range from being imperceptible to a person going into shock. This can be a serious issue for people that are suffering from diabetes. So lipozene should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

3. Severe discomfort in the stomach: There have been cases of severe diarrhea that have been brought to notice. It can be very severe and continuous which might drain you out thoroughly. Medical help may be necessary to take care of such issues sometimes.

4. Allergic Reactions: Allergic reactions like itching, swelling of the mouth and throat, rash, hives, wheezing or breathing difficulties are considered to be normal under these circumstances . It is recommended that if you observe any such allergic reaction, you must seek medical care immediately. Also if you are allergic to any other substance or medicine, let your doctor know before you start with lipozene. Before starting out on a supplement it is important to confirm after a thorough check if you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the supplements.

It is also possible that you don’t show any side effect of lipozene whatsoever. Nevertheless be aware of the changes in your body and get in touch with your doctor if something doesn’t feel right.


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